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Women adult text chat

Faramerz Dabhoiwala wrote in The Guardian in 2016: "modern usages that horrify linguistic purists in fact have deep historical roots.

"OMG" was used by a septuagenarian naval hero, admiral of the fleet Lord Fisher, in 1917".

dictionary becomes dctnry and keyboard becomes kybrd).

These may aim to convey the textual equivalent of verbal prosodic features such as facial expression and tone of voice Indeed, even though SMS language exists in the format of written text, it closely resembles normal speech in that it does not have a complicated structure and that its meaning is greatly contextualised.

In the case of capitalization in SMS language, there are three scenarios: Most SMS messages have done away with capitalization.

However, screens are still small and the input problem persists, so SMS language is still widely used for brevity.

Observations and classifications as to the linguistic and stylistic properties of SMS language have been made and proposed by Crispin Thurlow, There are many examples of words or phrases that share the same abbreviations (e.g., lol could mean laugh out loud, lots of love, or little old lady, and cryn could mean crayon or cryin(g)).

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