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After singing together every night on stage, however, they just couldn't deny the sparks between them.One night after a show, Tim invited her into his dressing room and they shared their first kiss.The stars then played the game of Never Have I Ever when Ellen asked them some personal questions on what they have or have not done in the two decades they've been married.Tim Mc Graw is a man with 4 very special women in his life: his wife, Faith Hill, and their three daughters. Since appearing on The Ellen Show, the country music couple has been on the road together for their Soul2Soul Tour. In November, the couple will be featured on Showtime for a look at their time on the road as husband and wife and, more importantly, as a mom and dad. Going into the evening, country music star Miranda Lambert leads the pack of nominees with five total nominations, including nods for in the Single and Song of the Year...Tim Mc Graw and Faith Hill are one of country's most iconic couples, so it's pretty fitting that their love story started at a musical festival.

Tim, like any other dad who has daughters, reacts (or overreacts) to the whole dating idea.

Tim Mc Graw and Faith Hill's three teenage daughters may want to think twice before bringing anyone home to meet mom and dad.

The country stars admitted to Ellen De Generes on Friday, February 10, that they're a little overprotective when it comes to their kids dating. "There was a winter formal or something — it was a bunch of kids in a limousine — and I had a sledgehammer over my shoulder.

And I had a sledgehammer over my shoulder, but that was on purpose.''You don't want to be mean, but when someone's taking your daughter somewhere, you want to induce a healthy amount of respect - and fear.'As for how Faith feels about this, she playfully mentioned that she's all for this.'I was a little soft on it. ' Faith then added that her daughter Audrey would love to live with Ellen, which wouldn't be a bad idea since has a 'very clean room.'The country stars then dished on their upcoming Soul 2 Soul world tour beginning this April, their first tour in 10 years.

And after when you go through it the first time- those of you who have daughters out there- all of a sudden I just became this animal, like, ''Do it. Their first show will be in New Orleans; since Tim is from Louisiana and Faith is from Mississippi, there will be plenty of loved ones in the area.

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But that was on purpose," Mc Graw, 49, recalled during a joint appearance with Hill, also 49, on De Generes' show.