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This sends them spinning around Europe and Asia following alcehmical, astrological and religious clues, all the while stalked by Udo Kier's supremely villainous 'Grand Master' as Urban stirs all these ingredients into a heady brew, cutting back and forth in time and place with no lack of visual style, finally bringing them to the boil in an apocalyptic climax with implications for the future of mankind.Unfortunately the film, ambitious in scope and breadth, has a reach which exceeds its grasp; especially as it ultimately seems to pay off as a two-hour recruitment film for the Catholic church.With just a million people watching the opening cycle, Tyra Banks confirmed that she needed to ditch out Miss J, Mr Jay and Nigel Barker.On her official Facebook, she also said that she’s going to miss them because it has been a pleasure working with them.His partners were hot topic in tow but he seems to not wanting the public to know more than what he shows.His recent date was Francesco Scavullo, an American fashion photographer who had a touch of glamor in every image he produced.

Director/writer Stuart (PREACHING TO THE PERVERTED) Urban's portentous contemporary religious conspiracy thriller marks a return to feature film production for Britain's Romulus Films (THE AFRICAN QUEEN, OLIVER!, THE DAY OF THE JACKAL) for the first time since 1974's THE ODESSA FILE.The story concerns a young couple (he Jake, the computer hacker ex-con son of an enigmatic billionaire akin to Rupert Murdoch, she Mira, a brainy alchemist) searching for a religious relic ('a loculus') purported to possess mythical powers.Miss J Alexander who is the really funny judge on America's Next Top Model is dating Jay Manuel.I think thats really funny that there dating, I love both of them!

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Dating back to the time of Jesus Christ, an ancient relic known as the Loculus has been fought over by the forces of light and darkness down the centuries.

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