Who is carson kressley dating

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Who is carson kressley dating

He recalled being dragged to township meetings and auto auctions as achingly dull.“One time, we were being followed by a police car while cruising to see what the other car dealers had for inventory, and I was in the back going ‘Help me, help me.’ We were pulled over by the police, and I thought I’d be in huge trouble for pretending to be kidnapped.

I always loved drama and attention.”When I first asked how coming out was for Kressley, he said he had been 7 years old and sat his parents down, told them he was gay, his mother bristling and his dad shaking his head.

, sat on the table between us, a style guide for “the normal American woman,” with his camp, chatty advice distilled down into handy lists and punchy slices of text such as “What Matches My Margarita? ” (clothes), how to clear out your closet, and other “quick fixes to make women feel fabulous.”The 47-year-old Kressley wrote the book after being approached in airports by women asking his counsel about what they should do about their own style crises.

He doesn’t offer “highfalutin’” or expensive solutions, but reassuringly everyday, manageable ones.“It doesn’t take a lot to feel better about yourself and the way you present yourself to the world,” he said.

I even painted my nails that day, I think a magenta color. “It was never like, ‘Take that nail polish off, you’re going to get a spanking.’ I just did what I did and nobody seemed to care.”He was particularly close to his maternal grandmother, whose six grandchildren ranged wildly in age from 70 to him.

When I did Queer Eye for the Straight Guy, it was an empowering moment where gay guys were telling straight guys it was OK to care about how they looked and groomed.

It would help you get the girl or the job or the look that maybe you always wanted.“I remember being a teenager walking through the mall, and it would be like (mean voice), ‘Ugh, there’s that queer dude.’ After Queer Eye, it was like (welcoming voice), ‘Oh my god, there’s that queer dude.’ It’s amazing: the power of TV, progress, and time, and hopefully we are still moving in that direction of equality and acceptance.”Kressley’s ambitions growing up were derived from drinking in hours of ’70s television.

Kressley said his initial response was: “What’s Bravo? ”Told the channel was looking for a gay man who happened to be a style expert, “I was like, ‘That’s me.’”He and other tryout presenters were shown a tape of a straight guy “who was so well-endowed he blow-dried his hair at the gym naked so people could get a good look at it. I had been in New York City, knew how to save money and handle things.

Everyone was very PC, saying we ‘needed to bridge straight and gay worlds.’“When they came to me I said, ‘What’s the problem? I’d always been famous in my head, I loved entertaining people.“We had no idea it would be a success. They told us we were going to make eight episodes, and I would get ,000 per episode.

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