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When we compare what happened today in the Middle East to the Berlin Wall falling, there‘s something really specifically true about that comparison that is worth remembering. We sometimes shorthand that as the fall of the Soviet Union, but that didn‘t happen for a couple more years.

BROKAW: What this will all mean for the political future of Germany is very difficult to determine here tonight. But we do know in some sense, today is day one of a different world. And the reason countries bend over backwards and violate all their principles and lie to themselves to maintain stability above all else is because stability is the devil you know, and change is the devil you don‘t. We think of the Berlin Wall falling as all good change.

Glover, who was named 3 runner-up, also was named the Miss Arkansas Pageant Executive Directors Crowd Favorite.

She also won a Preliminary Artistic Expression in Talent Award and the Eco-Tool Green and Gorgeous Award.

UNIDENTIFIED REPORTER: They chanted Ceausescu is no more. In the final hours of the Ceausescu regime, the soldiers sided with the people and turned their guns on the presidential palace.

After the helicopter flew the dictator and his wife away, the mob stormed his office and passed belongings to the crowd below.

“I have observed Alyse during her years here and have deep appreciation for Alyse and her fine family.” Eady, 22, competed as Miss South Central Arkansas with the platform issue of “Developing Leaders: Boys and Girls Club of America.” She was awarded a ,000 Miss Arkansas scholarship as well as ,000 in additional awards, wardrobe, transportation and gifts.

Who in America looked at this, looked at the jubilance in Tahrir Square and thought, man, I wish Hosni Mubarak had stayed in office and put down those demonstrators in the streets?

But, clearly, there is a new spirit in Europe, and there is a new spirit in East Germany. Yet a generation down the road, post-Soviet Russia is one of the most corrupt nations in the world, ranked worse than Haiti, ranked worse than Zimbabwe, ranked worse than Pakistan.

Whether or not the communist party will survive this bold and daring and indeed desperate move, we cannot say. We call this a Berlin Wall moment because we can see that new spirit that Tom Brokaw was talking about in Berlin, we can see that in Cairo today, too. Sudden events with far-reaching consequences are as worrying as they are inspiring on some days.

MADDOW: Before Tunisia overthrew its dictator last month, no country in the modern Arab world had ever before seen a peaceful uprising overthrow a government. It had never happened before it happened last month. But the reaction and celebration around the world today was stunning.

In Amman, Jordan, thousands gathered near the Egyptian embassy to celebrate, dancing and cheering, and shouting congratulations in Arabic to Egypt.

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Chu, who is the president and CEO for the Kauffman Center of the Performing Arts in Kansas City, was Miss OBU 1979, finished in the Top 10 in the 1979 Miss Arkansas pageant and won the Coleman Dairy Overall Talent Award.