Who has chelsea peretti dating

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Who has chelsea peretti dating

Her father is an Italian-American and her mother is a Jewish.

Personal Life: Chelsea Peretti has been Jordan Peele’s girlfriend since March of 2013; she is so in love that she has decided to marry his boyfriend.Her parents happened to meet during one of her father’s business travels to Eastern Europe.She and her elder brother Jonah (who is a big Internet Entrepreneur) were raised at their place in Oakland, California, United States of America.Sneaky: Peele and his Keanu co-star Keegan-Michael Key complained about the one frustration of having a comedy partner: nobody could ever tell which was which, before Peele revealed he was the one that was married In one they tried to decide on a ceremony location between an Earthy, rustic yurt or an Island getaway; while in another they put in some trampoline cardio in an attempt to get their 'beach bootys' in shape for the beach wedding.Jordan Peele proposed to me last night during the family talent show lolol," Peretti, 37, said on her Twitter page.

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Personality: Chelsea Peretti has been always known by her outgoing personality, she is full of kindness, love and talent.

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