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When do nikki and jonesy start dating

The prank was mainly on Jonesy, and Nikki was going to pretend to blow a fit at Jonesy's porn that was all over his walls. that's a secret that not even the girls will ever reveal, they just have their way, of doing things."Okay, why don't we go up in Jonesy's room," Nikki smiled grabing a hold of his arm. He looked really worried, like really worried that he would lose Nikki. okay, WE did it but you still had the porn before..." Nikki said."YOU did this to me? "I might as well start spending time there now because I know I will be making many late nights trips up there..." she gently traced her finger across Jonesy's face and his neck and then down on his chest. How the heck could you do something like this to me? The rest of the group just looked at Nikki and Jonesy. I like a girl who knows how to roll."[Wyatt thunks his head onto the table.] [A while later, Caitlin is working, Wyatt's head is on the table, and Jude is flipping a coin.]Jude: "Heads." [He wins.] "Yep. Notes, phone numbers, assessments, play-by-plays, it's all in here."Nikki: "Uh, now hang on a second."Jonesy: "If this can help you get back in the game and avoid being eaten by cats, I want you to take it."[Jonesy holds out his PDA to Wyatt. Now, can I get an order of fries with extra grease, please." [to his zit] "I'm gonna feed ya! I thought it was a belt."Caitlin: "It's the ultra-mini. " [Caitlin and Jen are checking Huntington's.]Jen: "Your cooperation in this matter has been noted in my records." [The two exit the store.]Caitlin: "This guy is really racking up the charges. Caitlin sighs.] "If I had color pencils it would look way better! What is important is that North Shore Surf & Skate Shop is raffling off a longboard. " [He vacates his chair.]Nikki: [sitting down] "Ugh, I'm so mad at him right now! " [She storms off.]Wyatt: [calling after her] "But now he's gonna put it somewhere else! It actually comes pretty close.]Vendor Girl: [looking at the credit card] "C. "Credit Card Thief: "Uh oh."Jen: "Citizen's arrest! Seeing no other choice, Jonesy leaps the rail and falls towards the fountain. They are wearing brown robes and are huddled around a laptop.]Jonesy: "Wyatt, the backup on this laptop is the last copy of the list. Just remember, with power–"Wyatt: "Comes responsibility. Read it out loud."Wyatt: [reading] "'Nikki: She's..one.' Whoa."Jonesy: "So..."Nikki: "So... You two can go now." [Jude and Wyatt leave.]Jude: [leaving] "This has got to be the most romantic thing that's ever happened in here! Wyatt is about to take it when Nikki snatches it away.]Nikki: "I can not believe that a, you have a list, and b, you've been carrying it around with you the whole time we've been dating! Guys love it."[Nikki steps out of the changing room. " [Jude is eating a taco.]Jude: "See, I don't really get a lot of zits, so I thought long and hard about who I could ask for help, and then it hit me. " [Julie looks at him angrily.] "So, bra, how do I make this sucker bigger? I can respect that." [to himself] "She must be the luckiest girl in the whole mall." [Wayne is dressing a crowd of guys by the fountain.]Wayne: [as Pomp and Circumstance plays] "Jonesy's list is the cure to loneliness, a means of eradicating the plague of solitude. It's not what the list can do for us, it's what we can do with the list! " [Everyone but Nikki is around the table.]Jonesy: "Chocolate spread on pizza? Gotta make sure my zit is set to maximum lucky before the draw." [He begins eating his pizza.]Wyatt: "Something special about this skateboard? That zit gets much bigger, any little thing could pop it."Jude: "Dude, you think? "Jonesy: "Hey, I've heard that Wayne's getting an army together to try and take the list. And for safety's sake, even I can't know where it is."Jude: "I'll hide it in the air vents."Jonesy: "Perfect! " [Caitlin and Jen are checking up on the latest lead.]Jen: "So he was a male, that's an affirmative..used the credit card, yes, we know that..he signed the slip C. Suddenly, his cape unfolds in midair as a pair of bat wings, allowing him to glide down gently–]Jonesy: "Ouch! Jonesy slumps to the ground and is greeted by Jude and the PDA.]Jude: "Dude."Jonesy: "Sweet! "[Jonesy and Nikki kiss.]Jonesy: "Love the skirt, by the way."Nikki: "Yep, all guys do."Jonesy: "Whoa, which guys?!? " [The drawing is about to happen.]Jude: "Heads up! "Jude: "Suit yourselves."[Jonesy walks up to the table dressed in a cape and a hat shaped like a bat and sits down.]Nikki: "Are you really gonna make one of us ask? " [Nikki and Jonesy are talking about the list inside the Khaki Barn.]Nikki: "No big deal? " [Something on the grill starts burning.]Wyatt: "Um, Wayne? " [The smoke alarm goes off and a shower comes on over Wayne.] "Perhaps I'm too excited."Wyatt: "Perhaps." [The girls are gathered inside the Penalty Box to discuss things.]Caitlin: "Kissing a tackle box? " [She grins.] [The mob has moved to Things That Beep.]Wayne: "That list could change the lives of thousands of men."Darth: "Perhaps, but I've already claimed the mall hottie."Wayne: "Aren't you dating the taco girl? Maybe there's something between us, and maybe there isn't. If ya can't do the time, ya don't do the crime."[Ron leads the thief away.I'm off to work."[The rest of Jonesy's friends, bar Jude, get up and leave for work.]Jude: "If you're not gonna date the car-jumper again, do you mind if I give her a call? "Jude: [reaching for it] "I've never been so close."Jonesy: "A meticulous record of every girl I've ever encountered. Jude walks up to him.]Jude: "Hey, does Lucky look bigger to you? When I got to the bottom, I was wearing them."Wyatt: "Okay, that was a lucky event, but the zit had nothing to do with it."Jude: "I know what I know, and what I know, is that I know this zit is lucky. Aw, yes I am."[Wyatt looks disgusted but goes off to get the fries.] [Nikki has been loaded down with clothes from Albatross & Finch by her friends.]Caitlin: "Try on the blue skirt, pink top, and high heels first."Jen: "That blue thing was a skirt? So we are looking for someone who looks like this." [She shows Caitlin a horrible sketch. Because, as of right now, we are officially on brea–"Wayne: "There he is! "[Jonesy takes off, an angry mob in hot pursuit.]Jude: "Don't hurt my zit! "Wyatt: "Jude said he was going to hide it in the air vents."Nikki: "Air vents, got it! I think someone just dropped a quarter." [He leaves.] [Jen and Caitlin scan the food court. "[Caitlin and Jen check the sketch against their suspect. "Credit Card Thief: "Cameron."Caitlin: [at the same time] "Caitlin! " [She takes the card back.]Caitlin: "There you are! "Credit Card Thief: "If I'd known you were so pretty, I never would have stolen from you."Caitlin: "Thanks! "Jonesy: [being chased] "Bring the list to the fountain! The list is too powerful to place in the hands of a man like you."Wayne: "Then prepare to do battle."[Wayne's mob charges Jonesy. The horror." [Wyatt, Jonesy, and Jude are gathered in a darkened room. " [She, Jen, and Caitlin, who have just entered, begin coughing.] "This place reeks! I'm sorry I made such a big deal before." [She walks over to Jonesy.] "You don't have to give up your list."Jonesy: "Already deleted it. But I did change your entry before I handed it off to Wyatt." [to Wyatt] "Go ahead. "Skater: [drawing a card] "Shay Walker."Shay Walker: "That's me." [He begins to pump his fists in celebration.]Jude: [in slow-mo] "NNNNNNNNNNNOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO–"[Shane's elbow collides with Jude's cone, and Jude's zit pops, showering the line with pus.]Jen: "Gross! " [chuckling] "Sweet." [Jude walks up to the table and hands his female friends coffee.]Caitlin: "Oh, thanks Jude! "Wyatt: "My date last night was a total bust."Caitlin: "Oh, I'm sure she had a good time."Wyatt: "I was driving her home, and she got out of the car while it was still moving."Caitlin: "Ouch."Nikki: "The ol' tuck and roll."Wyatt: [sighing] "She was pretty much the last single girl I know."Jen: "Oh, Wyatt, things could be worse."Nikki: "Yeah, just look at Jonesy's hat."[Obediently, Jonesy makes his hat flap its wings. "[The rest of the friends walk up and see the still-slumped Wyatt.]Jen: "Has he been like this all day? It's getting a little depressing."Jude: "Dude needs a girlfriend."Wyatt: "I'm giving up on girls. Ella: Amazing butt, hates oranges.'"Jonesy: "Yeah, she did have an amazing–" [Nikki clears her throat.] "–hatred of oranges."Nikki: "Am I on the list? "Nikki: "So what would you say if you wrote it now, huh? "Nikki: "I'm gonna tell him that we're officially on break until he figures out what I mean to him."Jen: "Good for you, Nikki."Caitlin: "Wow."Nikki: "And when I tell him, I want to be looking hotter than any girl he's ever seen."Caitlin: "Tomorrow we shop! That could be a clue."Caitlin: [exasperated] "He's probably in the food court! Not sure we have enough evidence to place him in the food court just yet." [to the cashier] "Were those his exact words? "[Caitlin grabs Jen and pulls her away.] [Nikki is crawling through the air ducts. "Wayne: "I don't get to say this very often, but you've outgeeked me." [Jude has been affixed with a protective collar.]Harold: "There, that should do it."Jude: "Rock on, dude! "Caitlin: "Being good-looking is not a crime."Credit Card Thief: "Can I buy you dinner sometime? "[The person he's talking to looks at him disgustedly.

They also got a picture of Ron and they put it in a frame that was heart-shaped. "You have got to believe me,""Well then, tell me who did..." Nikki looked at Jonesy. "Well, you sure gave me the feeling that you did," he frowned."Well, I'm sorry...

Grey bums are more anonymous."Jonesy: "I autographed it for you." [He slides the copy over to Nikki.]Nikki: "This bum just got the perfect job? How many months have we been together." [to Jen] "No helping! Who knows when you might need it again."[Nikki walks away.]Jonesy: "Nikki! Looks, kissing skills, boob size–"Jonesy: "I don't think that's superficial."Nikki: "Yeah, well that's 'cause you're a pig."Jonesy: "Harsh."Nikki: "No! Approaching hotness without an ace up your sleeve, is like, is like going into battle without a weapon! With Travis out of town, all I do is sit at home watching police shows on TV."Nikki: "Can we stay on topic here? Eventually she falls out of the vents and into the ladies restroom.]Julie: [exiting a stall] "I can totally see your underwear." [She helps Nikki up.]Nikki: "That's because my boyfriend is a shallow pig who will never be capable of respecting women unless they're dressed like–like sleazy pop stars. "Darth: [pulling out a machine] "Secure his PDA, my M3 Ex-reader will read the list."Wayne: "It'll be just like in Revenge of Clones 6, where he strips the memories of his maker and then takes on his master's own life! He went on a shopping spree that should have been yours, and now he wants you to pay for it! This zit just saved my life." [Jude is checking the spa for help.]Jude: "No no no, not a cream to shrink it, a cream to protect it.

"Jonesy: "I got a job at the new photocopy shop, it's called Copy Bats."Jen: "Shouldn't that be Copy Cats? He said that name was already taken."Nikki: "I bet five bucks you get fired for photocopying your butt."Jonesy: [putting a copy down] "Already accomplished, still employed." [He takes Nikki's money.]Jude: "Decided against a color copy, huh? "Caitlin: "Ooh."Nikki: "Give me a number."Jonesy: "Oh, Nikki. "Wyatt: "A mathematical representation of value."Jonesy: "And that is why you're single."Nikki: "You know what, you should hang on to your list. "Jonesy: "But Wyatt needs help, and I–"Nikki: "You judged all these women on superficial criteria. "Wayne: "This list could change the lives of many men, okay? "Wyatt: "Meat." [The grill bursts into flames.]Wayne: "Yes, the meat of these notes arm us with knowledge and allow us to go after women completely out of our league! "Jen: "He did write it a long time ago."Nikki: "Nikki is, uh, good, isn't what I would call a glowing review either."Jen: "Well, at least your boyfriend is here to fight with. "Darth: "That is to whom I refer."Wayne: "Oh." [after a beat] "So you wanna help or what? Jen and Caitlin start eating the fries he ordered.]Jen: "This was so much fun! One of the links holding up the giant hammer sign starts to weaken.]Jude: "There you are, shiny dude." [He bends to pick up the coin just as the hammer comes crashing down behind him.] "Dude?

The feeling of Nikki touching him like that made electric shocks go right through Jonesy's body. No matter if was just a simple, gentle kiss, Nikki still managed to turn him on. They could tell that a bug arguement was coming on. She was shocked that Jonesy would even ever call her such a name."I uh... " She yelled the she ran past the rest of the gang, downstairs and then out the door and she started to run down the street.

And it didn't look like it was going to be very pretty at all "It was just a freaking Halloween prank! You still scared the crap out of me you evil dry witted, snake! Nikki, I swear I didn't mean it...it's just that it slipped out and..."Jonesy put a hand on her shoulder but Nikki pushed him away."I can't believe it Jonesy Garcia!

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Jonesy and Nikki starting dating a little after Season 1, I believe.

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