What does validating a debt mean

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As a result, some of what I am sharing will be general information that is mixed in with feedback specific to your offer to settle from Northland Group.

Citibank (and many other credit card issuers) regularly sell off debts that go unpaid more than 6 months.

However, if you take a more broad approach to the outstanding debts, like settling other revolving consumer debts (credit cards and personal loans) with other collection agencies and debt buyers, than settling the old Citibank credit card with Northland Group would make sense.

If you do have other credit goals, and are interested in what it would take to start to improve your credit report, and get your debt to income ratio on your credit report in line with what lenders look for, post your other debts, balances owed, and who is collecting on them, in the comment section below (this goes for anyone reading this page too). The settlement offer letter you received is not all that normal. The amounts you shared mean Northland Group is offering to settle with you for about 15% of what they say is now owed to LVNV. With someone in your situation who has many debts outstanding, and in the hands of debt collectors, settling one account may breathe new life in to the collection efforts on your other old debts.

If you do have immediate or near term future credit goals, and with as much debt you mentioned having that has not been paid for years, settling with Northland Group, even if LVNV is reporting a collection item on your credit report, will have little to no value to your credit report.

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informing me that I owe lvnv funding llc 1, 015.00, (citibank being the original creditor).

The letter goes on to say that if I were to pay them 152.28 they would send me a letter confirming that the debt has been resolved.

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