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Webcam live moms

Known for their cinnamon colored fur and bushy ringed tail, the red panda is native to the mountains of Central China, Nepal and northern Myanmar (Burma).

This live shot, aimed at Horseshoe Falls on the Canadian side of Niagara Falls, is stunning.

The nation waited for weeks with bated breath anticipating the calf's arrival.

Thousands have watched the live feed from her pen on this site alone -- over 1.2 million more watched the You Tube stream of the calf's birth.

They will open their eyes around one month old but won’t have clear vision until they are a little older.

For now, the three-week-old cubs are snug in their nest box with mom and won't start venturing outdoors until they are more mobile and developed, which is typically around four months old.

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Watch the current stream in the video player above or on Animal Adventure Park's You Tube channel.

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