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Users may of course choose to run third-party software in place of the Davis software if they wish.

There are several types of Weatherlink logger, which fall into two groups: the standard loggers and the advanced loggers.

And the VP2 Envoy console also still needs a Weatherlink logger in order to perform any useful function.

Weatherlink loggers are only available in a standard pack which also includes a free copy of the Weatherlink software – there is no option to buy logger without the free software CD.

Each of these windows and others can be individually displayed full-screen for maximum clarity.This allows the user to store, view and analyse all logged weather data in considerable detail and over extended periods (e.g.years) and to upload your latest data automatically to a website.As an optional extra, you can also purchase the Weatherlink v6 annual subscription, which allows you to upload data automatically to the website and to use all the additional features available there such as onward uploads to Weather Underground.This is the simplest way of uploading your data to a website – for further details please see the subscriptions page.

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The interval between records may be selected from pre-set times ranging between 1 and 120 minutes.) The Weatherlink software is much more than a basic data logging program and offers a substantial number of sophisticated features, including the capability to run a live weather reporting website.

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