Vista product key is not validating Chat with horny guys no signing up and it has to be free

Posted by / 16-Jun-2017 09:52

Vista product key is not validating

Will try to use the shift key when entering tomorrow.

I would like to try loading from another Win XP SP3 disc but don't have one, any good place to donwload iso image to burn to cd?

I'm suspecting that downloads for Windows 7 may cease after the release of Windows 10, so have stocked up on updated ISO's of all available with SP1 & some updates bundled. Chances are, one will get more than what's desired.

You may be able to find one at a used book store, which also carries all sorts of software (user supplies their own COA), or a store such as Goodwill/Hospice, they sell much anything of value, no questions asked.

So I called Microsoft to make sure the product key is OK.

python72, XP isn't supposed to be legally downloaded (neither is Vista any longer), one has to purchase from a retailer of Genuine Microsoft software.

Many of these won't offer downloads anyway, as the version is boxed.

The PC is getting very slow and reboots randomly so I thought that if I give it a fresh start I might still be able to use it for a bit. Microsoft posted before the cutoff date of support that XP could still be installed, activated & all updates through April 8, 2014 installed.

The monthly MRT Tool is available every month through July 2015 & I highly recommend to open it & run a Full scan with the app, the one performed after install is a short scan.

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When he was typing in lower case the key letters showed as upper case but when he used shift to create Upper Case letters, the key worked. One way to check that would be to try installing from another XP Pro SP3 CD. 25 Digit COA is a random mix, so not having to mess with the Shift key may be a good thing.