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Validating suffering

Hence, there is a recognized need to provide communication training that enhances a practitioner's skills and specifically includes methods for dealing with emotionally sensitive issues.

Medical students subsequently received 2 sessions of training over a 2- to 3-week period by a student psychologist and then completed the posttest.The aim of this “test of concept” study was to investigate the effects of a short training program in validation for medical students on their communication with patients suffering pain.We hypothesized that the training would increase medical students' validating responses while decreasing their invalidating responses and that this would increase their satisfaction with the doctor–patient interaction.The participants interacted with 2 different patient simulators at the pretest and posttest.Simulators were also instructed to use various phrases expressing experiences or feelings that would prompt a validating/invalidating response.

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Observers independently rated validating or invalidating responses according to the Validating and Invalidating Behavior Coding Scale (VIBCS).

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