Updating indexes for block modelspace

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1/4"=1'-0" plot scale, the plot scale factor is 48), but if you intend to plot in paper space only, set this variable to 0.0=off -- (default) if dimension arrows do not fit between extension lines, the dimension line and arrows will be drawn to the outside of each extension line, -- this is not normally desirable in architectural drawings Sets height of tolerance text with relation to main dimension text height -- default is 1.0 Recommended value is 0.75 -- no need to be concerned about this variable, since tolerances are rarely used in architectural drawings.The detail drawing would be inserted at a conversion scale factor of 4, so that it appears 4 times the size of the main drawing to be plotted at 1/4"=1'-0".The detail would then be dimensioned, first setting DIMLFAC to 1/4 (that is the reciprocal of the conversion factor.Hot Fix: Sizing pipes, block creation of metric pipe sizes, compatible with UCS.

Useful only if the back clipping plane is turned on (can be turned on or off by VIEWMODE variable).

Note that none of this complicated process is necessary if you always plot your drawings in paper space at 1=1 scale, zooming the various viewports to their respective scales.

If you wanted to have the words "Above Finished Floor" appended to the dimension, while still allowing the dimension as measured by the program to be used and remain associative, you could set the value of this variable to Dimension overall feature scale factor -- default is 1.0 but if you want to plot your drawing in model space, you should set this variable to the plot scale factor (e.g.

Hot Fix: Editing an Area for Drip Emitters, Replace button will not mistakenly set the nozzle for placed hatches.

Editing Dripline, validates row and emitter spacing is more than 1 inch/cm. Valve Schedule, correctly sorts valves labeled with a number and a letter suffix.

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Hot Fix: Save Hatch, improved reading of hatch pattern data from pat file; saving a custom hatch will not prematurely close file.

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