Updating gps satellite data nike

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Updating gps satellite data nike

I do wish it had a progress display bar – so you see just how long you’re going to have to stand around waiting for it to find satellites.

Once running you have about five options for data fields, all shown below in the customization screen: Pace, Distance, Time Elapsed, Calories and Clock.

Step 3: If there is any run data on the watch, you will need to wait until it has uploaded.

Step 4: Click the Settings drop-down menu at the bottom of the Nike Connect window.

Once you are running the most current version of the Nike Connect software, continue reading to learn how to change the time on the Nike GPS watch.

Step 1: Click the Start button at the bottom-left corner of your screen, click the Nike Connect folder, then click the Nike Connect option.

Speaking of which, the watch…as a watch, gets 90 days of battery in time displaying standby mode, or 9 hours of active GPS activity. Records takes an interesting twist on the traditional stats area in most watches and will show you your top times/paces for common running distances.

And in fact, there are some settings (like weight) that you can only change in the software.The Nike GPS watch is a good choice for runners that want to be able to use either the Nike foot pod or GPS satellites to track data when they run.Once you have completed a run you can connect the watch to your computer using the included USB cable and upload your run data to Nike’s servers.Are you looking for the new black and blue version of the Nike GPS watch?It is available at Amazon.com, along with the Nike Sportsband.

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You can change each element of the time and date on your Nike GPS watch by clicking inside the field that you want to change, then entering the values that you want to use.

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