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To help each other, let's say we were six or eight Latinos, we collected our money and we bought groceries collectively. We had an electric skillet for rice, and we had a pan for the meat.It was forbidden to cook inside the hotel, so we had to avoid having the smoke from our cooking get to the smoke detectors.I'd immediately throw it in the trash." "It's no secret that after eating in restaurants for two weeks straight, food just does not taste the same. I learned how to eat sushi, all kinds of food to have some variety, and that helped." "Once, I checked into a hotel. My kids were telling me: 'Daddy, I want to eat real food.' One day, we had rice and chicken for them.'Daddy, this is real food.'" "On road trips, teams gave us meal money, which was like .If you don't make it to the big leagues, it can help you work as a scout, a coach or open the door to another country." "In Texas they began to teach me English with Rosetta Stone, but that did not work for me. One day he said to me, 'Hey, you can do it by yourself,' and then I started." "Playing rookie ball, 70 percent of the team is Spanish-speaking and 30 percent is American.

After that, I got used to having a lot of cameras around." "I remember once we were in the elevator at the All-Star Game and a woman was talking to Vladimir Guerrero in English.

Here, it's a little bit more professional in the sense that there's more concentration." "For the most part, I hang out with the Americans.

But I sit with Car Go [Carlos González] on the plane, and the Latin guys sit next to me. I know a lot of the Americans don't want to hear it, but I love it." "In the minors, I was always among the top prospects, and to be honest with you, when you're a top prospect, you're treated differently.

We went for groceries together and one of us cooked, another one did the dishes. When I played Single-A, I was with Nelson Cruz, who was playing with Oakland, and he was the cooking guy.

He always made a pot of chicken thighs." "I brought a cookbook with me from the Dominican Republic. When the season started, most of the guys and I went grocery shopping together, and then I cooked.

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