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Tubecrushdating com

Blue blazer and dark brown leather shoes make us want to just eat him up and maybe take a drink from his bottle he’s holding in his nether regions!

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Welcome to Tube Crush™ where your chance encounter from the tube line can be shared on-line.

This website was set up to pay ‘Homage to the Hommes’ on our infamous transportation infrastructure.

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Date: Line: Hammersmith & City Submitted by: Peter Wow, this is one fine specimen of a man!

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The wax jacket is very useful to keep this sexy guy dry in the April shower rain, it also repels a variety of stains…..

Here you can view pages of Tube Crush™ guys going about their daily lives often not knowing the joy they bring to their fellow passenger admirers. See a crush, discretely snap him with your phone or if you’re brave enough ask him to pose for you!

Send your pic to us with your name (or alias), name of the tube line you were travelling on to share the guy candy with our many online followers.

-The person you’re snapping is too far away or not in the foreground of the photo. Comments: All comments are moderated before they are published on the site.

We will not publish that contain any of the following: -Abuse on the basis of race, creed, sexual orientation, ethnicity or of any other discriminatory nature.

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We receive a large quantity of photos that we cannot use for a whole host of reasons, some of which are listed below.