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This feeling, this connection, is what draws fans to Tristan's blog, what causes fans to email or tweet or write what they feel to a literal stranger who feels like a figurative buddy.

Since she released her first album (), Tristan has been building a rich and colorful fan base.

And so I ultimately realized that it wasn't our propensity to travel or our addiction to writing that drew me in to Tristan Prettyman, but rather the 'imperfect woman' in her that welded the bond.

And so here she is, on the cusp of her 31st birthday, coming down after a long tour before she starts back up again, single, dating, living, and most importantly, growing.

Today I had the privilege to chat with singer-songwriter Tristan Prettyman about life, love, heartache, and what it feels like to be a woman in her early 30's.

I became less of a man." PHOTOS: Biggest star engagements Mraz announced that fellow musician Prettyman had accepted his proposal on Christmas Eve 2010.Mraz, 38, shared a photo of Carano, a former coffee shop owner, standing solo at the end of the aisle surrounded by fall foliage on social media on Sunday, with the sweet caption, “Today I was made the luckiest man in the world.” PHOTOS: Celebrity weddings 2015 Carano wore a high-neck, fitted lace dress featuring a sheer skirt.With a flower crown in her hair, she held a bouquet of lightly colored flowers."In that, I have victory for my art and a great loss for my heart.At the moment, my beautiful fiancee is no longer my beautiful fiancee." What happened?

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Her most recent album, , was released in October 2012 and it rocks.