Tough love steve ward dating rules

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Tough love steve ward dating rules

In 2009, Steve co-authored a book with his mom titled Crash Course in Love.He has been featured in Cosmopolitan, Redbook, Glamour, People, OK!Love Lab® is a mobile app for singles created by mother-and-son matchmakers Steven Ward and Jo Ann Ward.

Love Lab is the first mobile dating app to use a combination of physiological and behavioral recognition to determine the authenticity of its users.It serves as a complement, and a substitute, to existing dating sites and services with features like identity authentication, background checks, photo verification, ephemeral messaging, and more.Love Lab succeeds where no other dating app or online dating service has before.The mission of Master Matchmakers is to create strong, lasting relationships through communication, respect, and trust.These key tenets are deeply ingrained in the foundation of Love Lab, an app that their members and clients alike can use to safely explore online dating through a trusted service.

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For most of his youth Steve lived throughout Southeastern Pennsylvania.