Top dating cities

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Top dating cities

If you’re a single man or women the cities on this list may hold everything you need to live a successful and happy life.

With Beyonce off the market, are you looking for a single lady? (Hint: it’s the cities on this list.) So without further ado, here are the 15 best cities for single men, where you can easily snag your own Sasha Fierce and fall dangerously in love.

Since these cities are planned with everything spaced out so far apart, they aren’t really optimal for the single professional.

According to interracial dating central, 44% have black wives. Washington DC-Washington DC is also a very good place for multicultural dating.For your convenience and information, I have researched the top 30 interracial dating cities that will help you find your true love easier over the world. San Francisco, California– in California, you’ll see black dating brown, white dating black, black dating white, white dating Chinese, Japanese and so on.Almost all cities most accepting of multiracial / interracial families come from the United states and the rest welcome-cities from Canada, United Kingdom, Australia, Singapore and Netherlands. Honolulu, Hawaii– aside from one of the best beach destinations, Honolulu is also considered as a best city for single women and one of the top 30 interracial dating cities. Honolulu is the main gate to Hawaii and the major entryway to the US. It seems that race is not a conflict when it comes to dating. San Diego, California– Just like San Francisco, interracial couples are very common in San Diego. Arlington, Texas– Texas is still considered as one of the conservative places but when it comes to interracial dating, Arlington, Texas is just one of the many open cities worldwide. New York City, New York– noted for its cosmopolitan nature and diverse background, New York is known to have at least 40% of its population born from foreign lands.No wonder, race is not an issue when it comes to dating in this place, particularly in Birmingham. Madison, WI– Madison is one of the great places for interracial dating especially if you are black looking for white. Columbus, Ohio– Just like Hawaii, this place is full of people from different races and when it comes to interracial relationship, they are very open. Portland, OR– you don’t need to go far from the city of Portland if you ae into interracial marriages. It’s a multicultural place, you’ll never have any issue dating white or black at all. Singapore-travelling to Singapore means seeing numerous mixed couples.In Singapore, couples from various ethnic groups are common. Tampa, Florida– this place have been observed to a be a f friendly city when it comes to multicultural dating and relationships, so it wouldn’t be surprising if you meet one around when you visit a friend who resides in Tampa. Austin, TX– Aside from Arlington, Austin Texas as well as San Antonio are very open when it comes to interracial dating. Chicago, Illinois– is a republican city where interracial couples are also common.

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The African American Healthy Marriage Initiative records that 42 percent of black men and 41 percent of black women are unmarried -- a percentage that can make many black singles lose hope about meeting their life-long partners.