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So I then just read it from an entertainment point of view but she was neither funny nor engaging.I would say read this book if you are in the 2% of the dating women that she might be talking to----other wise skip it.Author Website: I decided to write a book about my own online dating experiences ( I considered who I'd want to write its foreword and Julie Spira was the obvious choice.Besides having walked the walk and dated the date, as it were, Julie has a wonderful knack for talking the talk--she describes her dating adventures with refreshing honesty, delightful humor, and invaluable cautionary advice.As someone who has tried their luck on dating sites, I felt so connected to Julie, especially when I read about her "Valet Parking Test." I highly recommend this book to anyone using dating sites to find love, those on dating sites who haven't found love, or anyone just looking to laugh at how ridiculous some people are when it comes to online dating.The Perils of Cyber-Dating is definitely worth the read!

"We are living in the information at your fingertips mode as the Internet has become part of our daily lives, and we can find out more than we probably want to know." She therefore advises you don't "Google" your date before the first date. She found out more about herself than she knew was out there.Her search to find "the one" are relatable to anyone who has ever tried to find love online.Throughout reading the book, I found myself relating so much to Julie as she shared her experiences of trying to find someone online suitable enough to meet for a date in person.I quickly threw out the self-help part as I felt the author really had nothing in common with the average person looking for love online.Plus with rules like you can lie about your age by 5 to 10 years and your body weight by 5 to 10 lbs but be upset if the guy does it was a little far fetching.

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I was pleansantly surprised at how much insight the book provided.