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Whether at a party or a play date, preschoolers love games.

No longer toddlers, they have a growing interest in playing with other kids.

" At this point, he pretends to chase them all back to the other side of the room. If you're planning an afternoon of fun, choose a mix of activities — some active and some quiet.

Also be on the lookout for kids who take too many turns and those shy kids who don't get their rightful turns.

A large cardboard box, if you have one, can become an excellent tunnel.

Tips for adults: Put on some music to encourage moving around.

Tips for adults: On the first couple repetitions, sing slowly to allow kids to get the hang of things. What the game teaches: Musical awareness and rhythm, body parts. How the game is played: Everyone sits in a circle on the floor.

One person is the "goose" and the rest are the "ducks." The goose walks around the outside of the circle, patting each duck on the head and saying "Duck." The player touches someone's head and says, "Goose!

As the kids near Mister Fox and ask the question, the last answer he gives is "It's midnight! You could be Sleepy Bear, Grouchy Grandma, Big Baby, or another character that kids might like. " What the game teaches: Listening, following directions, and large motor skills.

And no matter what the mood, a snack is always a welcome break for preschoolers!

Here is what dating is really like in New York City. (he told you 10-ish) and walk into an apartment full of ten guys. The most exciting place you have sex other than a certain guy's bed is his couch..the Yankees game going on in the background. Did I mention you also got him a Cronut (this was during Summer 2013, a.k.a. You go out with a big group and end up alone with a friend of a friend.

Physically, they're now steady on their feet and learning to hop, skip, jump, and even somersault.

Preschoolers are ready for games with simple rules — and don't be surprised if they're sticklers about following them to a "T." The games below can be used for birthday parties, rainy day get-togethers, or anytime you find yourself with a bunch of energetic preschoolers on your hands.

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