Splistitem update not updating

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Splistitem update not updating

MSDN: "When you call the System Update() method, events are triggered and the modifications are reported in the Change and Audit logs, but alerts are not sent and properties are not demoted into documents." I checked in SP2013 - it DOES fire the events!

So I have this really simple function which updates a couple of fields on two different lists (one is a document library) The thing is on the document library does not updates any of the fields I need to update.

are different, of course they are equal from the point of view of data, but they have different references, Share Poin creates new objects each time you take SPList Item from the list.

So to store references you need to do something like this: It also doesn't work because of accessing item two times, Share Point creates new SPList Item object each time.

Main(String[] args) in Program.cs:line 21 SPList list = web.

And I got an exception "Cannot complete this action"... I have tried this over and over, and always is the same... Here's the code Its kinda strange because it was working before.I just deleted the site collection and I'm re-running the Share Point config wizard.Not so long ago, I wrote a large series of posts on the topic of calling web services within workflows and was able to get around some issues encountered when utilising Managed Metadata columns.Fabian WIlliams and Andrew Connell have also done some excellent work in this area too.

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You will not get exception this time, but the field value will not be updated.