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Speed dating colchester

What strikes me as truly funny is that it's news that anarchists are seeking love, rather than the more strictured people, as there is nothing more anarchic and chaotic than love.Good luck to everyone abroad on Valentines looking for a touch of cheer and basic human contact.

"Things are pretty grim right now - and the poorest people are going to suffer the most," she says.I welcome our new ideological overlords, and their dominatrix, since the other three ideologies (fascism, communism and consumerism) have already been tried and have obviously not led to much except lots of pain and false expectations.Seriously though, good to see an article about anarchism - it's grossly mis/under-represented in the media, and even a light subject like this is better than it being stuck within the pages of indymedia.And the very incongruity of the event is what inspired Pinki, the 26-year-old social worker and Class War activist who jointly came up with the idea.The night is meant to be tongue-in-cheek, she insists, hence the dominatrix: how else are anarchists meant to be kept in line?

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