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See full summary » An engaged woman, who has an art gallery with a friend, receives a package from Mexico sent by her uncle.

A lot of people seem to be interested in this package, including a handsome man. Robert Cannon has had two misfortunes befall him, his brother has been killed and an important project that his brother was working on has fallen into the hands of the competition. See full summary » Rich Hungarian-born orphan Katya Davidov commissions Jordan Kirkland to research her past starting from a photograph, showing her as a child next to an elusive Fabergé music box. See full summary » Claire has worked for Denny for four years, and been in love with him from afar.

The filmmaker and journalist, who was one of the few famous people to publicly predict that Donald Trump would become President, has warned that the US state is being overthrown by Mr Trump and the people he has appointed to govern alongside him.

He pointed to a range of different events – including reports that the Muslim ban was opposed by lawyers at the Department for Homeland Security, who were then overruled by Mr Bannon, and a report from the Guardian that claimed that the White House had "purged" nearly all senior staff at the State Department.

The post by Yonatan Zunger claimed that the administration was in the middle of transferring all executive power "to a tight inner circle, eliminating any possible checks from either the Federal bureaucracy, Congress, or the Courts.

See full summary » Donnalee (Sherry Miller) is an architect with a history of romantic disappointment.

Her business partner, Hallie (Leslie Hope) is in the same predicament.

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Departments are being reorganized or purged to effect this".