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After defining the word “health,” the team agreed that the World Health Organization's definition, “a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease” along with being of healthy mind, body and spirit are adequate descriptions of health.

At the orientation, each member listed characteristics of the six areas of health, along with any barriers that can get in the way of optimal health in each area.6 Areas of Health: Financial, Educational/Learning, Spiritual (Soul), Mental (Thoughts and Emotions), Physical Body, Social (Relationships) health area is about building healthy and strong connections with people around you like your peers, family, caring adults at school and in your community.

Each member pre-marked their stickers with the first letter of the community you represent S- Sitka, F-Fairbanks, A- Anchorage, C-Craig, U- Unalaska, and K-Ketchikan.

Once the members had their list from their journal distilled to their top five health issues they were asked to write the biggest issues for teens in their communities on the large post-it in the room.

SEE MORE BELOW The Youth Alliance for a Healthier Alaska (YAHA) is a diverse group of energetic teens ages 14-18 from locations across Alaska: Sitka, Anchorage, Unalaska, Ketchikan, and Naukati Bay.

In addition, they had three additional dots to add their emphasis on the most serious issues.In the 2011 school year YAHA began designing interventions, with support from community agencies, to improve the lives of adolescents in Alaska.The 2016-2017 YAHA application process closed in May and we are happy to report seven new members from Anchorage, Palmer, Unalaska, with one returning member.In addition, each YAHA member selects a community health organization to interview for their community action plan, and in turn they learn about the services the organization offers in their community.Collaborating with YAHA is a great investment, especially because many of the members plan to pursue careers in health.

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It’s about showing others respect through your words and actions without judging or stereotyping them.

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