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Sex chat with auntys for free on my mobile

Message Number: 1477 / Date Posted: 27/11/2003 SANDERSON, JASON from SCOTLAND is being searched for by AMANDA KING from UNKNOWN i am lookin for my adopted brother he is 24 and i am eighteen he doesnt know of me because my mum gave him up before she had me. Message Number: 48703 / Date Posted: 17/08/2016 SANSIVIERO , MARIA LYNNE from UNKNOWN is being searched for by CHRISTINA SANSIVIERO from IPSWICH Hi Im looking for my sister born Maria Lynne Sansiviero on the in ipswich.

freeing for adoption case 1990Adoption case went through around June/July 1991. Love Mum Message Number: 2729 / Date Posted: 10/06/2004 SAAREPUU, MARK from LEEDS is being searched for by STEPHANIE SAAREPUU from UNKNOWN Does anyone know Mark saarepuu? Message Number: 11576 / Date Posted: 18/01/2007 SABEH JASIM, IMAD from UNKNOWN is being searched for by BRANISLAVA MILICEVIC/ JOSIFLJEVIC from BELGRADE Hello!!! Please if you know anything about family: Sabeh Jasim Abdul hasan, or his wife Suham and the oldest son Imad who is a doctor.also at that time he was cohabiting with a woman called tina lyndsey and they have a daughter called christa.davids family originate from nottingham where he has a sister called theresa. Message Number: 14214 / Date Posted: 24/04/2008 SALT, RICHARD from UNKNOWN is being searched for by KATHLEEN OHALLORAN from WIGAN if you relate to this we met about 12 years ago in stoke on trent at a club called kinettic we started going out you lived in preswitch manchester it was only for a few months in that time i got pregnant you also new about this we lost contact you have a 11 year old daughter who always asks who her dad is its only fair to tell her the truth she is your daughter get in toutch.Message Number: 32708 / Date Posted: 12/04/2015 SANSUM, JOHN from UNKNOWN is being searched for by KAYLEIGH CLIFFORD from SWINDON I am currently searching for my bio-logical father john sansum, he was engaged to my mother Karen black around 1986-1987, he lived in purton Swindon, his mothers name is Marcia sansum, she had a sister who lived in the park north area of swindon, hes father was also a john who was a keen cricketer, he had 2-3 brothers, one of which I believe was called Malcolm, he after I was born he married a lady called dawn who sadly passed away to leukaemia, they had two sons together called Connor and Daniel, john sansum remarried and had another child, a boy, named Liam.Please if anyone has any details please let me know!

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