Scared of dating scan

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Scared of dating scan

For women who have been given distressing news about their baby during the scan, there should be a health professional available to provide immediate support.In the case of a suspected abnormality, women should be seen for a second opinion by an expert in fetal ultrasound, such as a fetal medicine specialist. I mean all I can say is that in this pregnancy I have been very, very anxious especially in the first few months. Occupations' Mother - mother and NHS facilitator, Father - lawyer. I was very fearful at every single scan of my live daughter, but I, at the same time I felt, still emotionally I felt like that was going to be a successful pregnancy for some reason. No well I've already experienced a scan where the baby was dead you know sort of, so I already have an extremely negative approach to scans.During the scan, the sonographer will put gel on your tummy and move the transducer over your skin.Your sonographer will show you an image of your baby on the screen, and then she'll look closely at the image to: A dating scan is a more precise way of establishing your due date than counting from your last monthly period (LMP).An appointment should be arranged as soon as possible and ideally within three working days.

First trimester combined screening As long as your baby measures between 45mm and 84mm, you'll be offered combined screening at the same time as your dating scan.

Many hospitals have early pregnancy assessment units (EPAUs) that run daily.

This means you can be referred for an early scan straight away, if needed.

Usually, sonographers will ask a senior sonographer colleague to confirm findings and this should be done immediately.

If an abnormality is confirmed or suspected, referral is usually required, although some obvious major fetal abnormalities, such as anencephaly, may not require a second opinion (this should be decided by local guidelines).

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Your midwife or GP will only recommend an early scan if there's a concern, for example, if you've had bleeding in this pregnancy.