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Yet it is routinely the subject of Batch Ratings on WOT. - check the frame near the botton of the page when you click the link) Yes, the user has to be careful, but there is no systematic scam. (again, another link to Elenas Models) What the hell is going on here?? I am simply being the Devil's advocate having had a positive experience, an not prepared to let it lie.

I interviewed about 20 couples and without exception, A)The men were old, rich, and had entitlement problems and B)the women were young, poor, and troubled.You can weasel around all you want but at heart, these women are being put into a losing situation the majority of the time.They may not mind, in my experience many of them would rather have a pig crawl over them rather than work in pigshit on the farm for the rest of their lives, and in those situations the whole thing might be 'ok'. But the relationship by definition is skewed toward the man.I dont know in Russia, but i can imagine that it is.If pimping means the same like/prostitution it is even legal in Germany __________________________________________________________________ Gold-Member of WOT-Community The real problem is that most of the men who use these sites aren't looking for wives, they are looking for online companionship.


All sites are painted with the same color, when in fact - as in real life - all sites ought to be judged individual.