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A fear of rejection will only keep you in a relational rut.For Christian singles, spiritual union with Christ must be the foundation of all of their relationships—including dating relationships.If you've ever been in a bad relationship, you need this book!The greatest part was the authors constant focus on the importance a relationship with Christ is before we can have the relationship with others that Christ intended for us to have.After finishing the book I would recommend it to anyone, even if you don't agree with everything he says, it does make you think about a lot of different things.As a single woman who has never had a relationship, it's hard to read books that talk about the relationship aspect and not enough I have to admit, from the first chapter of this book I wasn't too hip on it.His message has been featured on the CBS Early Show, on CNN Radio, and in the Los Angeles Times.

However, the limited understanding of forgiveness as simply once and for all, and the misrepresentation of the futility of good works limits the effectiveness of the book.There is also significant focus on the complications of dating a divorced person (the author himself is divorced and remarried).The advice on making y This book has some beautiful chapters on how romantic love should be 'sacrificial', ie thinking more of the needs of the other person than of oneself, like Christ's love for us.This book is also filled with great examples of HOW we let the Holy Spirit work in our lives, not just telling you that you need the Holy Spirit. It did leave me with a couple questions pertinent to my own situation, but I imagine that is common with any book. I just couldn't get myself to actually finish this book.At least it revealed those questions to me, so that I can seek God and get the answers. It is just poorly written, and he continuously contradicts himself. “We were born with hearts that require constant, unconditional love, and Jesus is the only Person who accepts us regardless of our behavior.

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Rather than looking to people to meet needs only God can fulfill, readers will learn how to let Christ's sacrificial love ignite within them a passionate desire to share His love with a special person.

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