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HAP={F8A12650-4C02-4FA8-B5 49-160D29156658}&SAP= S6) Fal and Helford SAC management scheme S7) Hall-Spencer, J.

Maggs, marine ecologist Mark Johnson (who moved to NUI Galway in 2009) and their research group found that in Northern Ireland there was a suite of rare seaweeds confined to maerl habitats. Some of the surface sub-fossil [maerl has been] carbon-dated to 650 years".: The Habitats Directive was implemented in Great Britain as The Conservation (Natural Habitats, &c.) Regulations 1994 (now The Conservation of Habitats and Species Regulations 2010).

In Belfast Lough a maerl bed had died contemporaneously with extensive 19th century channel dredging that re-mobilised toxic sediment. An overview of dynamics and sensitivity characteristics for conservation management for marine SACs. QUB research has benefitted the environment through traceable inclusion in current government policy papers, legislation and planning decisions designed to reduce or mitigate anthropogenic impacts on maerl in Northern Ireland, Great Britain and Europe.

Combined with our experimental evidence that sedimentation kills maerl, we concluded that channel dredging probably caused the death of the Belfast Lough maerl bed. , our biodiversity partnership with the NIEA) was used to designate a new marine SAC for this Annex 1 habitat: "The Red Bay sandbanks are dominated by both living maerl and sub-fossil maerl and have been thoroughly mapped and characterised as part of this SAC selection assessment".

nce_S9) licensing/public_register/cases/documents/falmouth/friends_S10) Hall-Spencer, J.

Queen's University Belfast is a public body in the United Kingdom.

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In 1998, new analyses of their data on the biodiversity of maerl beds in Britain and Ireland were reported in a comprehensive synthesis for the UK Marine SACs LIFE project.

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