Podcasts not updating in itunes

Posted by / 19-Sep-2016 11:11

i Tunes is also just not as good at podcast playback as i OS.

Apple’s Podcasts app on i OS includes an Up Next feature for managing a temporary episode queue without making a dedicated playlist.

Downcast is another podcast player that’s also on most of Apple’s platforms including Car Play and even Apple Watch but not Apple TV yet.

Promote podcast playback on the Mac to a dedicated Podcasts app outside of i Tunes (and someday throw in an Apple Watch app?

Turn off the sidebar in the Recently Added section of Music and now you can’t navigate to the Artists section in Music without turning it back on. But go to the Podcasts section and notice the sidebar isn’t as necessary.

I use Recent Updates and Podcasts but not Stations (which can be removed) but a whole column for two or three options is overkill.

I also like Apple’s apps because they’re on i Phone, i Pad, the Mac, Car Play, and both Apple TVs (just not Apple Watch).

To us it is a bug, which means (for now) that a human must update the podcasts manually. Bring it to the front, and click on the podcasts icon next to the music icon.

If you show proceeds a podcast, which is usually a show marked as “syndicated” on our calendar — examples include Back Story, Radio Eco Shock and Big Picture Science — then you should read this page on how to update the podcasts manually so we avoid re-playing previously heard programming. (Arrow 1) 2) If you see an exclamation point (Arrow 2) next to a podcast simply click on the exclamation point. 3) Once you have updated all of the items with exclamation points next to them, please click the Music notation icon just to the left of the podcast icon to return to the preferred view (Playlists).

Podcasts for i OS also includes a timer for stopping playback, speed controls, and back and forward skip buttons that jump 15 seconds.

i Tunes lacks these podcast features and using back and forward skip buttons can easily lose your place in an episode.

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But turn it off for Podcasts and it turns off for Music which traps you.