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Wasserman hosted an open-line program with CJOR, later hosted Hourglass on CBC TV.He was fired by the Sun in 1967 for hosting his radio show but rehired 18 months later.April 2 Vancouver's restored Orpheum Theatre opened with a special concert as the new home of the Vancouver Symphony Orchestra.Reaction to the refurbished theatre was wonderfully positive.His column on “the second front page” of the afternoon paper, often detailing the city’s underbelly, became a hugely popular feature.His biggest scoop was the death in 1959 of Errol Flynn in a West End apartment.He died of a heart attack while speaking at the Hotel Vancouver during a roast for Gordon Gibson, Sr. You can see a photo June 8 Vancouver Harbour Centre was officially opened.

The music he’s conducting is Brahms’ Lullaby.[1757 - 1884] [1885 - 1891] [1892 - 1899] [1900 - 1905] [1906 - 1908] [1909] [1910] [1911] [1912] [1913] [1914] [1915] [1916] [1917] [1918] [1919] [1920] [1921] [1922] [1923] [1924] [1925] [1926] [1927] [1928] [1929] [1930] [1931] [1932] [1933] [1934] [1935] [1936] [1937] [1938] [1939] [1940] [1941] [1942] [1943] [1944] [1945] [1946] [1947] [1948] [1949] [1950] [1951] [1952] [1953] [1954] [1955] [1956] [1957] [1958] [1959] [1960] [1961] [1962] [1963] [1964] [1965] [1966] [1967] [1968] [1969] [1970] [1971] [1972] [1973] [1974] [1975] [1976] [1977] [1978] [1979] [1980] [1981] [1982] [1983] [1984] [1985] [1986] [1987] [1988] [1989] [1990] [1991] [1992] [1993] [1994] ******************************************* You'll note that this year includes events listed under “ Also in . .“ These are events for which we don't have a specific date. He was the first principal of the new Point Grey Junior High School from 1928 to 1933, then superintendent of Vancouver City schools until his retirement in 1954. January Newspaper executive Erwin Swangard, 69, was appointed president of the Pacific National Exhibition, a post he would hold for 13 consecutive annual terms. PNE." See a biography of this very influential chap January Mission Institution opened, a full-service medium security facility, the first built as part of the B. While Terry was in hospital waiting for the operation to remove his cancerous leg, his basketball coach Terri Fleming gave him a sports magazine that included a profile on a one-legged runner named Dick Traum who had competed in the New York Marathon.If YOU know the specific date of an event shown there, . The Traum story inspired Terry, the night before the amputation of his leg, to take on a challenge that would eventually raise tens of millions of dollars for cancer research.Jeff whipped out an indelible pen and wrote his name and the date on the top of the mast.Later he watched in pleasure as the mast was lifted atop the building. This is the building housing at its top The Lookout, a big circular room through which visitors stroll to enjoy dramatic panoramic views of the city. There is a revolving restaurant one floor below, and, on lower floors, this building houses the downtown campus of Simon Fraser University. As the population of the North Shore grew, so did the demand for a “third crossing” of Burrard Inlet to ease the pressure of traffic on the two bridges.

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And although the mural is peopled with mythical and fanciful figures, many of the figures are based on real persons.

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