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Bitcoin is a parallel currency with which you can begin to trade, and no middleman to take their slice or to gamble with your asset.

When you deposit money to a Bank, it becomes the Banks property to do with what they choose, bitcoin is different, and you are your own Bank.

It is up to you to take care of your bitcoin, and also to use it, not hoard it, and to be an important part of helping to build this fair and open global society.

Bitcoin is worth what somebody is prepared to exchange it for, be that USD, Yuan, PC-hardware, Webhosting or anything that 'money' might buy.

Well, as far as I can tell, either the IP address is incorrect, or the camera has to be put into some "discovery mode"..I have tried removing power to it and then putting it back hoping that it would be "receptive".

I have tried two of the eight cameras, both directly connected to the Ethernet and wirelessly.

You can do a forum or google search on how to do this.

I have tried this on two of my computers and get nothing. I am, by no means a network expert and allot of this is above my head, but I am not unfamiliar with how computers work and have looked at the modem/wireless router and have checked everything I can think of checking.I either need to get these cameras to work or return them and try a different avenue.I don't know if it ok to put links on this forum, but here is the link to the camera and a youtube video on "How to set it up". v=U1b Xz28r C_YI don't know if I am missing something simple or what.If your band offers free Christian music downloads and you would like your music featured on this site just shoot me a message on the Contact Page.Give a little info about your band or links to your website or Facebook profile and send me links to the location of your free music.

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Bitcoin is our first financial step towards a fairer, more benefecial society for all.