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According to Global ISPE Data Integrity Special Interest Group of the ISPE GAMP Community of Practice, “If a company does not have in-house experience for implementing data integrity, or has failed in past implementation attempts, they should bring in outside expertise to help guide the initial states of implementation.” Organizations must get a grip on data integrity governance across the data life cycle by initially focusing on expertise and planning.“The big lesson in the industry is that in order to ensure data integrity, quality must be managed at the entry point of data from the beginning of developing an active pharmaceutical ingredient (API) to the information appearing in the product label,” said Dr.When utilizing a tool such Scribe or SSIS for your data migration and integration process, it is best practice to have a testing environment to ensure your scripts/connections work as planned.Testing uncovers a few things: Time it takes It is necessary to determine the amount of time it will take for the integration or migration so that you can plan accordingly.

Testing Processes Seeing your real date in Microsoft Dynamics CRM will help you determine whether your processes and design is on target.

After the data has been transferred, be sure to do some basic queries of the source and target system to ensure the data matches.

Then have an intensive user acceptance testing to validate the data.

If the organization does not have data governance and integrity as a concept built into the quality framework as a whole, the data governance lead and cross-functional team should immediately consider putting in place a data governance policy and plan for the organization.

The first draft of such a policy will focus on gaps in the organizational approach, while referencing quality procedures already in place as they relate to existing c Gx P data integrity requirements.

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The objective is to shorten the recovery task as much as possible while maintaining trust in your data so that the business can recommence regular operations quickly.

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