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For more information about the OCT, see Office Customization Tool in Office 2010.To create an Outlook 2010 file, you can configure profile settings by using the OCT, and then export the settings to a file.For more information refer to Upgrading to the latest version.When an Exchange administrator moves a mailbox from one administrative group to another, any Outlook profiles created for that mailbox will no longer work correctly.Reset EVClient enables administrators to perform a number of housekeeping tasks in an attempt to fix common problems with the Enterprise Vault add-in to Microsoft Outlook.

However, the file format has changed in Outlook 2010.

For more information refer to Converting old profiles to profiles for Kerio Outlook Connector (Offline Edition).

If the administrator has turned on asutomatic updates, MS Outlook will check for new versions automatically upon each startup.

In the event the changes fail, a user can restore the old profile (the backup is saved under the name " Ex Profre runs only on Windows Server 2000/2003 and XP.

It does not run on NT 4.0 or any 9x operating systems.

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