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This one has similar failings as the first two apps, using a weakly hidden directory and renaming the images, again easily overcome with nothing more than a file browser. There are some apps for hiding the pictures and text messages on your Android which live up to their promises although they all seem to come with some trade-off.You really don’t get something for nothing when it comes to apps.You can either rename the file or instruct the phone that the file is an image, and once again it is viewable and shareable just like any normal photo. Selected pictures vanish from your photo gallery, and stay locked behind an easy-to-use PIN pad.With Keep Safe, only you can see your hidden pictures. " I started to see a recurring theme in the promises that these apps make.The best advice when it comes to privacy and photos is “don’t take a photo that you don’t want your teacher/boss/mum/dad to see”.

Looking into the history of Vaulty highlighted a different problem though.At least then users can make an informed choice about how much they wish to trust the app, and whether it is sufficient for the intended purpose.And, of course, my advice echos those who have gone before me – there is really no situation where you absolutely have to store on your phone naked photographs of yourself.But all it really does is move photos to a poorly hidden directory from where the photos can be viewed and shared.All it takes is a file browser and your privacy is ruined!

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Due to the extra functionality you will also need to hand over a lot of access permissions to your phone and given that you’re looking for extra security and privacy, this may be something that you have reservations about.

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