Myspace dating service updating monitors old ones for sale

Posted by / 26-Dec-2016 16:49

Myspace dating service

Maybe My Space will ultimately figure it out, but heading towards the one year anniversary of News Corp’s acquisition, I’d think twice about spending billion on Face Book.

Which leads me to this: What if the best marketing 2.0 strategies for leveraging the social media network are essentially free, and having the audience DOESN’T mean you can “monetize” it.I’m on the edge of my seat for News Corp’s first 2006 earnings release, but “in the meantime” we have Peter Chernin hyping it up in Fortune: In the meantime, My Space is rushing to add more ad sales people.It had been selling its home page for about 0,000 a day.“We don’t want to change the cultural feel of My Space,” Chernin says.Of the company’s 280 employees, about a third work, at least in part, on online safety issues.

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It’s happening again — the numbers just don’t make any sense.