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Mens quick start guide to dating women

You also must think that Swedish women hate their fellow men.

and this is where you reply in an affectionate non arrogant way “It’s not the hat you like”… So there you have it, a hat could bring the start of a wonderful relationship.

First off, if you are man, Swedish, French, American, British, you have to learn how to smooch and booze with those hot Swedish women. Second, it seems that foreign men in Sweden have an advantage over the Swedish men. Here’s what Swedish women think of Swedish men: After reading all these comments you must think, “damn, how do Swedish men and women mate and have lots of babies?

” I wonder that too, and I’ll put the blame on the dark swedish winter and the bright swedish summer.

However, although the brim of the hat is specifically designed to protect your skin, our team of researches have also looked into the science of chemistry and how different shapes hats can make you look better and more attractive to the opposite sex for different occasions. Research shows that women love men in a hat and here is why.

Hats (and we mean real hats – not baseball caps) bring an element of mystery and intrigue and therefore convey a far more interesting impression to the ladies.

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Wearing this hat suggests you are strong, powerful, sophisticated, cultures and having a passion for the finer things in life…

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