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Martunis van sant dating

For centuries the lady Fausta, in whose house the synod convened, was identified with Fausta, the emperor Constantine's second wife who was herself a convert and a daughter of his defeated rival.However, to be noted are: There is no evidence that this Fausta was the empress (the latter had not lived in Rome since she was a little girl).The pope might have borrowed the property for the day to hold the synod!In Imperial times this locality on an outlier of the Caelian Hill counted as prestigious, and several large and palatial villa-type town houses have been excavated nearby.

The suggested ownership of this house depends on the name of the empress being found on a piece of lead pipe near the obelisk in the Piazza di San Giovanni Laterano.In Republican times the locality of the basilica was a convenient exurban open space outside the Porta Caelimontana in the old Servian Walls, which was used for casual recreational and military training activities.However, the area was becoming inner-suburban even before the Aurelian Walls enclosed it to the south.According to it, Pope Miltiades held a synod in the year 313 convenerunt in domum Faustae in "Laterani" [sic].The editor of the critical edition of the saint's works unilaterally corrected the corrupt Laterani to Laterano, which is how the remark is usually copied and which gives the false impression that in Laterano was already a locality.

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St Peter's is the preferred location for the exercise of the pope's universal authority over the entire Church, but St John Lateran is the location of the source of that authority.

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