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Mandating all

Optimal prevention of influenza in the health care setting depends on the vaccination of at least 90% of HCP, which is consistent with the national Healthy People 2020 target for annual influenza vaccination among HCP.Mandatory influenza immunization programs for all HCP should be implemented nationwide.

In addition, pooled results of 4 observational studies conducted in 234 long-term care facilities and 1 hospital-based setting indicated significant protective associations for influenza-like illness and for laboratory-confirmed influenza.A 2010 meta-analysis of randomized clinical trial results among healthy adults 16 through 65 years of age suggested that when vaccine and circulating influenza virus strains were well matched, efficacy against influenza symptoms was 73% (95% confidence interval, 54%–84%) whereas efficacy was 44% (95% confidence interval, 23%–59%) when they were not well matched.Vaccine effectiveness can vary based on the match of circulating virus with vaccine strains, vaccine product, previous influenza vaccination, and age and immune status of patients.“We need to make sure our citizens are aware of the dangers implicit in reading the Bible and taking it seriously.”Iceland’s real Prime Minister at the time was Bjarni Benediktsson. A country where insular existence has spurred a rich and vibrant culture.What did you think of the satirical news that Iceland was ordering that Bibles be given labels with mental health warnings?

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The influenza vaccine still remains the best available preventive measure.