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Loans for consolidating credit cards

Personal loans can be used as debt consolidation loans if you can borrow a big enough laon.

A personal loan is an unsecured loan that has fixed payments over a fixed period of time.

XCEL offers loans with competitive rates and flexibility to meet all your needs.

You can choose from auto, real estate, education, personal and even business loans.

Be aware that sometimes the lower monthly payment is achieved by increasing the repayment period.

Know that with a debt consolidation loan, you're not really getting rid of your debt.

If you have bad credit you may be approved but at a higher interest rate, or you may not be approved at all.

Debt consolidation loans are offered by banks and credit unions for the sole purpose of combining your debts.

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If you choose to transfer balances, make sure you know when the low rate will expire and the regular interest rate that will go into effect.

If you want to use a credit card balance transfer as a debt consolidation loan, you'll need a credit card with a large enough credit limit to hold all your credit card debt.

If the payments become unaffordable, you face foreclosure on your home.

Because of that it's generally not a good idea to use a home equity loan as a debt consolidation loan.

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This offer does not constitute an actual commitment extend credit. Your application is subject to final verification of applicant identity, supporting documentation and credit information.

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