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Live chat jasmin old 40

You guys would know what I'm talking about when I say good '80s songs. And, you know, I'll sing one that's a good classic Duran Duran number or something like that.JENNY BROCKIE: What is a good '80s song, by the way? And the looks I'll get from my 20‑year‑old staff is, you know, "What's that song, I've never heard it before." And I go "You haven't, have you, you're not actually making this up." JENNY BROCKIE: But in is inevitable.So you can tell, like I had the same feelings, same type of sort of difficulties I had to go through twice instead of once. JENNY BROCKIE: Rick, what do you associate being 40 with?RICK ALLEN: I think for me, can I firstly say today this is a real therapy session for me.Noel Walker’s 40th birthday last December prompted him to join a gym and to try to quit smoking. I suppose 40 when I was 20 was an older kind of person with a pot belly and a moccasin head with shaved head and ‑ JENNY BROCKIE: What's a moccasin head? JENNY BROCKIE: I know this, moccasin thing is a big thing in your mind or it was, yes, the hair was important? My perception of a 40‑year‑old is different than it was say 5 or 10 years ago that ‑ JENNY BROCKIE: That's because you're 40.

JENNY BROCKIE: Well you lost your brother, didn't you? JENNY BROCKIE: So you've had that time without family support in the run up, yep? JENNY BROCKIE: Interesting - Pinaki, you're originally from India, has it made a difference to you not being born here?

Six years ago, Aliyyah was diagnosed with ovarian cancer and says surviving the disease made turning 40 not such a big deal.

Her ambitions include 'never growing up and being silly as much as possible". I didn't have a perception when I was 20 what 40 was going to be.

I mean we're interested in you as a group because you are the biggest age group in the country and a lot does happen in the run up to turning 40 but it's inevitable, you know, you're getting on. RICK ALLEN: Because the reality is, as you said at the start of the show, you're halfway through your life and the clock keeps ticking, there is nothing you can do to stop that.

You know, you can be as brave as you like, you can say okay, I'm 40, I can deal with it and soldier on but the reality is you've got a short window of opportunity to do everything that you want to do in a very short life and that is the challenge for me.

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1971 was a record year for births in Australia, 276,362 babies. I thought I'd be in a happy family with children and so I had to take a step back and re‑evalue my life and yeah, so it wasn't what I expected.