List of romanian dating sites

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List of romanian dating sites

Well, I think everyone will have to watch out for this new scams. Read the latest scam news updates on Dan I'm a 48 year old indian mother of a 22 year old son - student, living in the son is being the victim and cheated by a romanian girl, exactly like the way you got cheated.I'm so worried and trying to convince my son that its not a "girl", but he is not believing.I was shocked when i saw a receipt of Euro 130 sent to a girl in Romania thru Western union, I'm investigating the matter.

This list includes the names of each famous person in the Romanian Royal Family, along with information like where each person was born.

Basically, these people, live of our vulnerabilities, our desire to love and be loved, that inner spirit that cares for our fellow men, these leeches feed on that.

We're talking about countries where there is no employment, poverty is everywhere, and they've discovered the internet as a means to make money, by whatever devious tricks they can use.

I found this site if you want to report her, it says it's run by the Romanian government: ... Well, it appears that this scam is moving from country to country.

So,it's not only Nigeria and Russia now that is involved with romance scams. Femi_________________Learn about how thousands of people are losing millions of dollars monthly to romance scams, and how you can avoid becoming a victim at

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We have been planning for years, professing love and intentions. 2 days ago I found out from her sister, who could no longer bare the lying, that she lived with another man and was using me all these years for money. She said her name was Helena (never would tell me her last name..flag number one), that she was a model, and was recently divorced.

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