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Thirty-seven year old Winnipeg-based accountant Jordan Abrams, a proverbial doormat of a man, has pined after Rachel Stern since he was twelve.

In other words, you have to either be incredibly sophisticated or incredibly rich to get this done, at least right now.

She quoted the Wiretapper’s Ball organizer Jerry Lucas as saying “We don’t really get into asking, ‘Is in the public’s interest? That’s the closest the book got to what I consider the critical question: to what extent is the public’s interest being pursued, if at all, by all of these data trackers and data miners?

And if the answer is “to no extent, by anyone,” what does that mean in the longer term?

Hell, I’m shocked that brand new DVDs of this film don’t come with a numbered, limited edition, hand-written note from a You Tube commenter telling you that he’s going to kick your ass right after he bangs your mom.

Today, we celebrate the legacy of this film’s incredible humor and gigantic balls by remembering the jokes that couldn’t be made today, mainly because they don’t ever need to be made again.

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