Is alison krauss dating anyone

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Is alison krauss dating anyone

Truly an exemplary contemporary artist, Krauss more than fulfilled the expectations of her adoring fans, and left the entire Bowl audience happier, even after all those sad songs. Instead of taking five minutes to find out that Ms. I would appreciate learning more about Krauss, and mean no disrespect by any of what I wrote. Most of her fanbase and his were aware of the relationship, and it was talked about in online spaces dedicated to her, where people who actually keep up with her hang out - the same non-Yahoo Answers, non-Wikipedia places you'd hopefully look for to find out other obscure information about her, rather than making wild guesses about it.Krauss was actually in a serious relationship during her collaboration with Robert Plant, and that the song Paper Airplane is about that relationship, not her relationship with Plant, you spread completely insubstantial rumors - rumors that are potentially damaging to Ms. Krauss herself in the incredibly awkward position of either stating outright whom that very personal song is really about, or continuing to answer embarrassing questions about her personal life when she should be discussing her very successful career. He lived with her for some time - in fact, he went on the Raising Sand tour with her - and their relationship was common knowledge on the Nashville music circuit."This guy was very wealthy, and every year, he wrote one Christmas song. This one, from 1951, was one of 15 that he had written.It falls within that category of 'Mary, Did You Know,' in that it's a totally different look at Christmas.The last time Alison Krauss stopped by the Santa Barbara Bowl, she was sharing the stage with Robert Plant.

But when she started singing it, she was perfect for it."Kenny Rogers' 10 Biggest Billboard Country Hits"Some Children See Him," the Krauss cut, has an interesting story stemming from the song's writer, Alfred Burt.It says in so many words that black children don't have to see Christ as white; you can look at him as black. It really struck me as being a deep thought process into the universality of Christmas.When Alison starts singing, I might as well not even be on the album.People not bothering to research this rumor critically is exactly why it exists in the first place.I like Alison Krauss' music and have listened to her since her Union Station days. But I'm not the kind of fan who wants to know every detail about her life and certainly wouldn't care to visit Myspace/Facebook pages of Krauss or her collaborators.

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I can confidently say it takes more than 5 minutes to find out that Krauss was dating someone else when working with Plant, as SIlver_Queen asserts.

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