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Knowing that whatever it was that he wanted to spread, he could spread through his own news channel, Magnussen pictures and stores away his blackmail material in his mind palace, then sends the hard copies somewhere else to be sent for if needed.As they await the authorities, Magnussen exercises his power on John by flicking his face, and his eye, asking him to keep it open. Sorry, no chance for you to be a hero this time, Mr Holmes." Charles Augustus Magnussen is a media mogul who owns several newspapers.After Sherlock's return from the 'dead', Magnussen took an interest in him and decided to test his "pressure point" to see what can truly break him.Later, he blackmails one of the interrogators, Lady Smallwood, commenting on her perfume – which is typically used by younger people – and the fact that her husband engaged in an affair with a 15-year-old at some point in the past (not knowing that she was 15). Smallwood comments that Magnussen's palm is perspiring and he explains that he suffers from hyperhydrosis.Claiming that his knowledge of Lord Smallwood's unwitting felony gives him ownership over Lady Smallwood, he maliciously licks her face.Magnussen used his initials "CAM" and the telegram brought unease to Mary, much to the notice of her husband John.Later on, Magnussen is summoned and questioned by a parliamentary committee.

He also displayed traits of extreme sadism and megalomania.When MI6 arrive, Sherlock shoots Magnussen in the head, knowing it was the only way to get them and everyone else out of his power.Following Magnussen's death it is decided to send Sherlock on a dangerous mission overseas rather than imprisonment, although it is likely he wouldn't survive.Sherlock Holmes considered him to be far worse than any killer, serial killer or terrorist that he had encountered and the one man who could turn his stomach.Magnussen was clearly perverse, showing little respect for the privacy, boundaries and personal space of others, sexually harassing Lady Smallwood and later Sherlock in his hospital bed.

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