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Giorgio tsoukalos not dating

But when I heard this morning that Giorgio Tsoukalos was going to be on the program, I was curious because (a) he is either a charlatan or an idiot and (b) his hypotheses are ridiculous and I don’t think respectable radio shows like the Preston and Steve Show should be giving this guy any legitimacy. So I tuned in during work hours (with permission) so I could listen to the interview.And lo and behold, Preston and Steve (and everyone else on the program) were giving this guy all sorts of validation.He has been quoted as saying that the alien astronauts ‘gave us the nudge’ we needed to build them. Anyone with a background in Egyptian engineering can show a direct linear progression from what were essentially burial mounds to more complex structures, all the way to the pyramids.Starting from the top left to the bottom right, the progression of the pyramid was a slow one, taking hundreds of years.Not only did there exist a gradual progression of development but this development happened at different times, in different ways, through a series of different evolutionary processes.Let’s just take one example (of the many I could provide), the pyramids.Take into account the largest pyramid in the world, the Great Pyramid of Cholula.

And subsequently the majority of other ‘pyramid-types’ from around the world came later and later.

This is the trouble with these sorts of crazy hypotheses.

They suggest the exact opposite of what is archaeologically known about these structures.

As someone who is working towards becoming a historian, as someone who spends countless hours fact-checking and researching and learning ancient languages to better understand the social and cultural evolution and development of these civilizations, Giorgio Tsoukalos is an affront to it all. They buy his filth and eat it up like it were some gourmet meal. And while he is talking about this he is saying things like ‘well who did they make these images for?

I took some notes and I’d like to share them with you, my readers, below, and then I’d like to say a few more things about this interview. ’ and ‘they didn’t have balloons to go up there and see these things’ and other nonsense like that. First, just because we don’t know how something happened doesn’t mean we can just leap to the conclusion ‘therefore aliens’.

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Culture did not just spring forth from the ground, but had humble beginnings and took thousands of years.

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