Gay dating ad cbs

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Gay dating ad cbs

Make no mistake, Man Crunch’s ad is not even in the same solar system as United Church of Christ’s ad.It’s not even an advocacy ad at all because almost everything it promotes works against any positive step towards of homosexual acceptance.And by the advertisement’s end, gay sex gets reduced (yet again) to a stupid and offensive punchline played up for gross-out factor and cheap laughs for a mostly straight audience.

(NB: An interesting post-script to CBS’s ad conundrum: High-profile lawyer Gloria Allred has threatened to sue CBS if they air FOF’s pro-life ad for “false advertising,” as Tim Tebow’s mother, who says she refused to abort her baby despite doctors’ recommendations, couldn’t have had a abortion in the Philippines without facing prison time, since abortions there for any reason are illegal. Now the network’s trying to avoid a PR nightmare by allowing more “responsibly produced” advocacy ads.But the fact that Man, the hookup site that made one of the rejected gay ads, is now “calling on every same sex advocacy group to petition CBS and let them know this discriminatory behavior will not be tolerated” seems disingenuous.Either way, the roadsigns evoke other manly things like driving and highway construction, adding to the butchness pervading the start of the commercial and feeding into the ad’s incredibly homophobic message.The ad’s subtext is that the mere touch of a man can turn gay even the most butch football fan, and that gays just can’t control themselves sex-wise—they’ll start humping each other anywhere—at a football game, in your living room, The men in the commercial don’t even have balls enough to actually kiss each other, they just neck like moronic sixth graders.

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That said, I’ve yet to read a good explanation for why the anti-abortion ad is OK while the gay ad is improper.