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In addition, fruits and vegetables give the player purity points (because no animals are harmed in their creation/consumption), while meats and alcohol give the player corruption points (because animals were harmed in their creation/consumption and they can cause drunkenness, respectively).This has no effect on game play other than attractiveness or the lack thereof in the eyes of NPCs.Guns are still primitive, and large castles and cities have developed in the place of towns.

Pure players will find that their hero will have a clear complexion and a halo, while corrupt players will find their hero with a flawed complexion and horns.

It is also possible to become widowed through the death of a partner.

It is also possible for the player character's children to die through cot death or disease, or to run away from home to become an adventurer, in which case the player can rescue them from danger.

Beyond a certain level of interest or payment, in the case of prostitute characters, a character may proposition the player for sex.

Unprotected sex may lead to the birth of a child, but can also lead to sexually transmitted disease; this does affect the player, as it may lead to sterilisation.

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The relationships, as in the original Fable, are initiated by flirting, gift-giving, and the common expression.