Five minute dating in columbus ohio

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Five minute dating in columbus ohio

"If you really want to find someone amazing who you can be happy with and build a life with, you've come to the right place." Hardesty, a professional matchmaker for 20-plus years, is soft-spoken but can be persistent in matching clients, sometimes poking and prodding them to go on dates until they agree.

"When you're in the hands of a matchmaker, let the matchmaker figure it out for you," she said.

"But sometimes people are looking for something that's not really available or something that we wouldn't be able to find enough people who would be looking for the same thing." The package rates vary by client, Kauffman said.

Date coaching, for example, costs for an hourlong session.

Those interested in attending visit the company website ( The events are grouped by age (generally within a 10-year range), with about 10 or 12 men and women at each event.

Upon arrival, participants check in with the coordinator and are assigned a number and paired at a table with a participant of the opposite sex.

Matchmaking/ date coaching The idea of a trio working together to orchestrate someone's love life might sound extreme, but scores of couples have been united by Susie Hardesty, Elizabeth Cobey-Piper and Trey Kauffman.

"We are in the business of helping people create relationships," said Cobey-Piper, who has been married for 18 years and worked as a dating coach for nine.

"It's a great opportunity to find people who really want to date and find somebody," said Minto, 39.

Pre-Dating Speed Dating, based in Plantation, Fla., is touted as the largest company in the world that sets up and hosts speed-dating events, guarantees a match and promises "quality" single professionals at its gatherings.

Speed dating appeals to some people because the process is relatively inexpensive, involves no face-to-face rejection and allows participants to meet at least several people in a brief time.

Video of a speed dating event The process works like this: Each week, several events are scheduled at a couple of Columbus-area restaurant/bars.

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And what we can do as matchmakers is vet people for them." Dating Directions, Cobey-Piper noted, accepts clients interested only in lasting relationships, not just dating.